Create document library with Content Types in SharePoint 2010/2013

To create new document library with defined content types please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the site SharePoint site)

Step 2: Go to Site Actions -> View All Site Contents -> Click on Create Icon


Step 3: This will open following popup, select Document Library and Specify Name to it.


Step 4: Click on Create will create a document library with Specified name.

Step 5: Now go to Document library (Site Actions -> View All site Content -> Click on the document library name)

Step 6: Click on Library Settings


Step 7: Click on Advance Settings


Step 8: Select option Allow management of content type “Yes” and click on ok button


Step 9 : Now, it will land to Library Settings Page with Content types enabled.

Step 10 : Click on “Add from existing site content types”

Step 11 : This will open following screen, add required document Content types and click on OK.


Step 12: This will complete Document Library creation with added content types.

PS: Example is given for SharePoint 2010, similar way one can create Document Library in SharePoint 2013.


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