Known issue with Globally Reusable Workflow SharePoint 2010

Hello, here I would like to share details about issues I faced with SharePoint Designer 2010 when tried to edit and Save globally reusable workflow.

what I did is, I had taken a copy of Approval – SharePoint 2010 workflow.

Did some changes, and published it globally.

Step to Copy and Edit Existing Globally Reusable Workflow:

Step 1: Open SharePoint Designer 2010 -> Open the site -> Click on Workflows left navigation panel.

Right Click on Approval -SharePoint 2010 from the list of available workflows.


Step 2: Fill in name and description. this will open following screen. Click on first highlighted part(Approval workflow Task).


Step 3: Click on Change behavior of overall task process and make changes as per your need, click Save and Publish.


Now after Publishing, when I tried to edit again and Clicked on Save, it detached workflow instance from List/Library wherever it was used after first Published.

seems this is a known issue with SharePoint Designer  2010 with no solution around.

here are few references.


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skype: bipin.pankhania


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