Search external sites using SharePoint Search

To search External site in SharePoint need to go to Central Admin.                     Open Central Admin go to Manage Service Application under Application Management.

1. On the Manage Service Applications page, click Search Service Application.

2. On the Search Administration Page, in the Crawling section, click Content


It will redirect to available Content Sources.

To Search External sites, it is advised to create new content Source, to create new content source follow these steps

1. On the Manage Content Sources page, click New Content Source.NCS

2. On the Add Content Source page, in the Name section, in the Name box, type a name for the new content source as “External Sites”.

3. In the Content Source Type section, select the “Web Sites”.

4. In the Start Addresses section, in the Type start addresses below (one per
line) box, type the URLs from which the crawler should begin crawling. For

5. In the Crawl Settings section, select “Only crawl within the server of each start address”.

7. In the Crawl Schedules section, to specify a schedule for full crawls, select a defined schedule from the Full Crawl list. A full crawl crawls all content that is specified by the content source, regardless of whether the content has changed.

To define a full crawl schedule, click Create schedule.


8. To specify a schedule for incremental crawls, select a defined schedule from the Incremental Crawl list. An incremental crawl crawls content that is specified by the content source that has changed since the last crawl. To define a schedule, click Create schedule.You can change a defined schedule by clicking Edit schedule.

9. To prioritize this content source, in the Content Source Priority section, on the Priority list, select Normal or High.

10. To immediately begin a full crawl, in the Start Full Crawl section, select the Start

full crawl of this content source check box, and then click OK.

This finishes creation of the new content source for external sites.


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