Percentage Complete Progress Bar in SharePoint 2013

% Complete Progress bar in SharePoint 2013

Need to add following Javascript code to MasterPage Gallary. Here we have added tasklist.js file, need to select below content type and other properties.AddMaster

Copy paste below code between start and end to text file, rename it with TaskList.Js




//Please drop me an email if you want code, as I am unable to copy paste in my blog, hence I have given the screenshot of the code.


Need to Add TaskList -> List View webpart to specific page, Edit webpart, under Miscellaneous properties of webpart, provide the path of the TaskList.Js file from where it needs to pick up latest JavaScript code.


After this click on OK , Save and Check in the page. This will show task list %complete as follows.


The main code in TaskList.Js is below, this code arranges nested div and span in proper style, with modification in Span, one can choose to display % Left or right aligned.

Below is the main code from JavaScript function



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SharePoint 2013 App model overview

What is SharePoint App model?

We are familiar with Smartphone/Tab Apps, similar concept is implemented in SharePoint 2013 apps for Web. One can view SharePoint out of box installed apps from Site Actions (top right gear icon) -> Site Content. This will show pre-installed apps (point to note, now Lists and Libraries are classified under SharePoint 2013 apps)


Development Options in SharePoint 2013:

We as a developer know, there are 3 different development options available in SharePoint 2013.

  1. SharePoint Full Trust Solution – Uses server side object model and Client side object model.
  2. SharePoint Sandbox Solution – This was available in 2010, but not available in 2013, uses both client side and server side object model, and doesn’t have full trust.
  3. SharePoint Apps – Only uses client side object model.

Following is pictorial representation of 3 different approaches.


When to go for SharePoint 2013 App

We can choose to go for SharePoint app when we decide usage of Client Side Object Model (CSOM) and we don’t need full trust solution that uses Server Side Object Model (SSOM). Decision will solely depend on usage of CSOM vs SSOM.


Once we have decided to go for SharePoint Apps, we can choose which App to create based on Hosting Options.

There are two hosting options for SharePoint Apps

  • SharePoint Hosted Apps
  • Cloud Hosted Apps – This has two sub options
    1. Auto Hosted App
    2. Provider Hosted App


Once we have decided App Hosting, we can now confirm based on App Shape, what would be our final App. Following are 3 classification based on App Shape.

  • Full Page
  • App Parts (Client webpart)
  • UI Commands (Extended Ribbon, Extended Menu)

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